SOPAT develops a photo-optical and image-based analysis measurement technology that quantitatively characterizes particulate multi-phase systems. In combination with our hardware, the innovative SOPAT software provides real time analysis of particle size distribution and characteristics. 

Emulsification, crystallization or polymerization processes, our innovative particle measurement technology can be used to analyze a wide range of applications to obtain information on the concentration, size, shape or distribution of particles.

Measurements occur inline during the production process, so neither sampling nor dilution is necessary. This guarantees that the sample is neither changed on the way to the laboratory, nor must production be stopped.

Various particle types can be simultaneously analyzed through direct visual access to the product, be it bubbles, drops, solids, biological cells, crystals, etc…


SOPAT offers a wide portfolio of probes for your application. It is possible to measure particle sizes between 0.5 and 10,000 µm insitu with SOPAT probes, even under the most intense conditions.

The SOPAT macroscope probe, InView, allows the observation of processes through a window for particle sizes between 10 and 50,000 µm.