Control Valves

Body style: Angle, over the plug, globe (straight) over or under the plug

Body material (cast): A216 WCB / A217 WC6 / WC9, other material grades available

Body material (forged): A105 / F1 / F11 / F12 / F22 / F91 / 92 or EN equivalent

Pressure class: ANSI Class 150 – 2500 (EN 1092 PN 10 – PN 400)

Leakage class: III, IV, V (VI with soft seat) acc FCI 70-2 or MSS-SP-61

Connection size: 1/2" – 36" (12mm – 900mm)

Cryo Valves

      The Severn Glocon Series 5000 Cryo valve was developed over four decades ago specifically to satisfy the need for installation in cryogenic ASU cold box’s . As such the Series 5000 Cryo valve now benefits from extensive experience in providing cost effective and easily maintained valves in an industry which makes stringent demands from its suppliers.

Construction materials of the body & bonnet is normally stainless steel with options of monel and bronze in various grades.

Internal surface finish and a high degree of cleanliness is considered to be of major importance especially when controlling fluids such as high pressure Oxygen in the Industrial Gas Market and to this end Severn Glocon take the matter very seriously.

Temperature Range

-196° C to 220° C. ( -320°F to 428°F )