RONAN Engineering, founded in 1959, is a privately held Corporation. Ronan Measurement Division supplies the process control industry with leading-edge Radiometric Measurement Systems that provide non-contact measurement solutions for the harshest environments.

Radiometric Measurement provides a safe and efficient, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in harsh process environments. The entire system mounts externally to the vessel or pipe and can be easily installed and maintained while the process is running without downtime, vessel modifications, risk of accidental release, or the need for specialty construction materials.



Continuous Level Measurement measures liquids or solids contained in a vessel, even one with an internal structure  such as an agitator.​​

Point Level Measurement detects and indicates the presence of material relative to a pre-selected level in process tanks, hoppers, chutes or vessels.

Interface Level and Density Measurement is ideally suited for measurement of multiple stratified layers of process materials.

Density Measurement is ideally suited for continuous density measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids contained in a pipe or vessel.

Mass Flow Measurement makes mass flow calculations using the density system with an input from a volumetric flow meter into the density transmitter.

Continuous Weight Measurement is ideally suited for weighing materials on belt conveyors, screw conveyors, drag chain conveyors, and metal plate conveyors.