MOGAS T Series

  • Reduced operating torque
  • Metal- or soft-seated
  • 2-piece or 3-piece forged body
  • ASME 150-2500 Class
  • 3 to 60 inch

MOGAS C Series

  • Valve engineered specifically for customer application
  • Blowout proof steam
  • 2-piece or 3-piece forged body
  • ASME 150 - 4500 Class
  • 1/2 - 42-inch or larger

MOGAS FlexStream® 控制阀

The internal control elements (or trim) use flow paths of various configurations to control flow and pressure drop. This compact trim configuration, located downstream of the seat, consists of a diffusion element and a control element.

  1. The diffusion element splits and aligns the flow through an arrangement of straight paths.
  2. The control element reduces the flow velocity through an arrangement of tortuous flow paths and open area.

The variable characterization of the control element allows precise pressure letdown and superior velocity control tailored to specific process conditions.