Orientec Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. was established in 1999, and has over a decade of experience in the petrochemical, chemical, power, metallurgy and gas industry. Our headquarter is based in Beijing, China.

Our corporate culture is our company's drive for continuous development. We believe in a simple and pragmatic approach to achieve the highest efficiency and constantly strive to do better. Our employees are the best example to represent this work ethic. Our passion and extensive knowledge for technology, professionalism and rich experience all play a crucial role in our excellent service towards our overseas customers, who offer industrial process control products. Apart from our belief to develop steadily as a company, we value responsibility in everything we do. Our customers’ requirements and concerns are ours as well, and we will do our utmost efforts to come up with the best suitable solutions and troubleshoot whenever necessary. We keep our blade sharp to maintain our respected reputation in this industry, and have built close relationships with our customers and well-known EPC companies such as SinoPec.

We have office branches in Shanghai, Xi'An and Chengdu as well. Also, we are currently looking into setting up an office in Guangzhou to extend our services in the Pearl River Delta area.

Orientec is your long-term business partner in China for industrial valves and instrumentation.